In the May 15, 2011 blog posting, we clearly stated that we are attempting to license every App Developer that utilizes the functionality, regardless of size, and regardless of enabling technology, and that those licenses would be proportional.   

The stories have focused on narrow complaints

Patents and the licensing of them:  a complicated system and how it’s wrong or broken (although many aspects do work well and a few aspects have challenges… like any complicated system). 
  • The small developer being unfairly picked on (without mentioning the many developers that do understand and play by the rules).
  • Rolling developers into belonging to the enabling platform (Apple’s developers or Android developers) and how they are under attack from a troll (rather than it being a rights holder attempts to get paid for its property and questioning the full scope and veracity of the platform provider’s promises, or that App Developers have choices of what functionality to put in their applications and which platforms to sell on)
This story is about accountability for actions. If you are a Developer, it’s about knowledge about the scope and risks of your own business.  

Lodsys has only one motivation:  we want to get paid for our rights.  There is a more complicated set of motivations from the platform providers and the app developers concerning profit margins, control, ownership of the customer relationship, responsibility for liabilities, cloning, IP rights clearance, what is fair to expect a small developer to understand, who pays and who gets away without paying… all of which are much more intellectually interesting and worthy of analysis and commentary.



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